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Message from the President

Hiroshi Daimon, President

Welcome to the Surface Science Society of Japan (SSSJ), Public Interest Incorporation Association.

This society was established in 1979 by active researchers who shared surface science but had a variety of backgrounds, physics and applied physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, vacuum science, materials science, electrical and mechanical engineering, bioscience, etc. SSSJ has grown as a unique society that covers very interdisciplinary science and technology, and now about 1800 researchers from academia, national and public institute and industry come together to exchange their research.

In 1989, we organized the International Symposium on Surface Science (ISSS) -New Developments and Trends in Surface Science- as the 10-year anniversary of SSSJ, which launched international activities of the society. Through symposia as the 15-year anniversary in 1996 and the 20-year one in 1999, SSSJ holds the international symposium every three years from 2005. The 8th International Symposium on Surface Science and Nanotechnology (ISSS-8) was held in 2017 in Tsukuba, where we had 692 participants from 21 countries/regions. Today ISSS is one of the largest international conferences held in Japan in the field related to surface science and nanotechnology. In parallel with the international conference, we launched the international journal, e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology, to distribute high-level works in surface science to all over the world in 2003.

In 2014, to spread the roles of surface science internationally, we established the Heinrich Rohrer Medal awarded to outstanding researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnology and the Rising Medal awarded to young scientists who have produced excellent results. In 2015, we also established the SSSJ Fellowship International to praise their outstanding research.

From April 2018, SSSJ will merge with the Vacuum Society of Japan (VSJ) and becomes a new society The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science (JVSS). This new society JVSS will have more than 2300 members, and becomes a member of IUVSTA, the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications. Our SSSJ has been only one surface science society in the world, and international surface science researches have belonged to vacuum science society in their countries. Hence our new society JVSS want to become a hub-society offering opportunities for all international surface science researches in the world to communicate each other and to expand the community of surface science and the related interdisciplinary research fields. If you are interested in the Surface Science Society of Japan, please contact us:

Thank you for visiting us.

Hiroshi Daimon
SSSJ President

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