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Ordered Macroporous Platinum Metal Particles
 e-JSSNT Vol. 4 (2006) pp. 451-453

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International Symposium on Surface Science (ISSS-6)

- Focusing on Nano-, Bio-, and Green Technologies -

ISSS-6 is the 6th in a series of international symposium organized by the Surface Science Society of Japan. This symposium highlights the recent achievements in surface sicence and related fields, focusing on nano-, bio-, and green technolgogies. Major topics include structures and dynamics on surfaces, fabrication and applications of nanostructreus and noaomaterials, novel surface chracterirization/analysis methods, and applications of surface science and nanotechnology to bio- and green technologies. Interdisciplinary studies and discussion on the future directions of the fields are strongly encouraged.
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Previous symposia   ISSS-5 (2008),   ISSS-4 (2005).

e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology
Our completely electronic Journal aims quick and versatile-style publication of research papers on fundamental theory and experiments at frontiers of science and technology relating to surfaces, interfaces, thin films, fine particles, nanowires, nanotubes, and other nanometer-scale structures, and their interdisciplinary areas such as crystal growth, vacuum technology, and so on. It covers their physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and their applications to advanced technology for computations, communications, memory, catalysis, sensors, bio- and medical purposes, energy and environmental problems, and so on. It is on open access, free for publication.

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