Young Awards

ISSS-8 Young Researcher's Awards will be offered in the following two categories on a competitive basis. Anyone 35 years old or younger on October 22, 2017 is encouraged to apply as eligible (the date of birth will be checked by passport or appropriate photo ID at the conference site). An application must be made in the website for abstract submission.

Travel Award

Travel Award is intended to support travel expense in part for young researchers. The winners are chosen by the Program Committee members based on the abstract and an application form describing scientific significance and the candidate's contribution to the work. A template of the application form is available here (WORD/ PDF).

All the travel award winners are supposed to submit an original paper for ISSS-8 proceedings though the submission does not guarantee eventual acceptance.

The winners are invited to the Banquet and will be given official commendations. The winners have to present an appropriate certificate to confirm their date of birth (passport, driver license, etc.) at the registration desk by 12:00 on October 25th (Wed).

Travel Award Winners

[Oversea participants]

Mr. Srinivasulu Kanaparthi (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India)

"Mechanically drawn carbon nanotube electrodes based non-invasive respiration sensor on paper"

Session: Biosurfaces and Biointerfaces (3PA)

Mr. Baptista Jonathan (Sorbonne Universités, UPMC University, France)

"Broken symmetry phase of in-gap quasiparticles excitations in superconductig Fe1+xSe(100)"

Session: Physical Properties (3PA)

Prof. Andris Šutka (Riga Technical University, Latvia)

"Electrostatic charge optically responsive nanowire colloid"

Session: Nanomaterials and Fabrication (6pE2-3)

Ms. Wen-Lin Wang (Tsinghua University, China)

"Scanning tunneling microscopy study of Bi-rich BaBi3 superconductor"

Session: Surface and Interface Structures (4aD2-1)

[Domestic participants]

Dr. Jie Hou (Tohoku University, Japan)

"Magnetic field dependence on kondo spectroscopy of vanadyl tetrakis(thiadiazole) porphyrazine"

Session: Single Molecular Imaging and Manipulation (4pB2-2)

Mr. Yudai Higa (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

"Active dopant concentration in Si(001) with ion-implanted dopant studied by angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy"

Session: Characterization Methods (3PA)

Mr. Mohammad Tawheed Kibria (Kyushu University, Japan)

"Investigation of Magnetic Dead Layer on Iron Silicide Surfaces"

Session: Surface and Interface Structures (3PA)

Dr. Masahiro Yano (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)

"Morphology and electronic state evolution of SiO2 reduction process on Si(110)"

Session:Surface Dynamics (3PN)

Mr. Shun Hasegawa (Hokkaido University, Japan)

"Effect of reactant adsorption on detachment and diffusion behaviors of a single atom on doped graphene"

Session: Surface Dynamics (3PA)

Best Poster Award

The poster award winners will be chosen by the participants' voting during the poster session on October 23rd (Mon) and 24th (Tue). The result will be informed on the information board located close to the registration desk before 10:00 a.m. on October 25th (Wed). All the candidates should check the result.

The winners are invited to the Banquet and will be given official commendations. The winners have to present an appropriate certificate to confirm their date of birth (passport, driver license, etc.) at the registration desk by 12:00 on October 25th (Wed).

Best Poster Award Winners

Mr. Suguru Ito (University of Tokyo, Japan)

"Direct observation of a semimetal-to-semiconductor transition in bismuth thin films" (3PA-17)

Mr. Zeyuan Ni (University of Tokyo, Japan)

"Germanene and stanene on 2D substrates: Dirac-cone and Z2 invariant" (3PA-28)

Dr. Kyoko Namura (Kyoto University, Japan)

"Effects of Dissolved Gases on Marangoni Flow Around a Microbubble in Water" (3PA-39)

Mr. Kazuma Kita (University of Tokyo, Japan)

"Hydrogen-plasma Etching of Graphite and Multi-layer Graphene" (3PA-44)

Mr. Tung Anh Doan (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)

"Spectrally selective tri-layer planar perfect absorbers with wide incident angle and polarization insensitivity in the near infrared regime" (3PA-45)

Dr. Soichiro Matsunaga (Hitachi, Ltd., Japan)

"Theory of field emission from single molecule-adsorbed tungsten (310) surface" (3PA-55)

Mr. Yasunori Takeuchi (University of Tokyo, Japan)

"Two-dimensional conducting layer on SrTiO3 surface induced by hydrogenation" (3PA-56)

Mr. Chiaki Katayama (Osaka University, Japan)

"Diffusion of magnesium ion in ionic liquid thin film on Au(111) analyzed by angle resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy" (3PA-58)

Mr. Xin Liang Tan (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

"Observing the Dynamics of Phase Transitions in 1T-TaS2 and 1T-TiSe2 Using Time-Resolved X-Ray Photoelectron Diffraction" (4PA-8)

Mr. Naoya Kawakami (University of Tokyo, Japan)

"Structural evolution of Bi on Au(111)" (4PA-14)

Dr. Kenta Motobayashi (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)

"Potential-Induced Restructuring Dynamics of Ionic Liquids on a Gold Electrode: Cation dependence Studied by ATR-SEIRAS" (4PA-15)

Dr. Satoru Ichinokura (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)

"Superconductivity on Rashba spin splitting surface: Si(111)-√3×√3-(Tl, Pb)" (4PA-30)

Mr. Naoya Sumi (University of Tsukuba, Japan)

"Doping to surface by adsorption of CuPc/ F16CuPc on surface superconductor of Si(111)-(√7×√3)-In" (4PA-33)

Mr. Natsuhiko Shimizu (Gunma University, Japan)

"Safe synthesis of high quality black phosphorus through transport reaction" (4PA-40)

Dr. Qinghua Wang (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)

"Study on Crack Occurrence of Titanium Alloy in Tensile Test by Advanced Moiré Technique" (4PA-54)

Mr. Daijiro Okaue (Osaka University, Japan)

"Correlation between Interfacial Career Mobility and Local Structure of Ionic Liquid / Rubrene Interface in Organic FET Device" (4PA-76)