The proceedings of ISSS-8 will be published in e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology (e-JSSNT). All papers will be subject to peer review, handled by the program/publication committee of the symposium.

All the participants are encouraged to submit an original paper. Invited speakers are strongly encouraged to submit an original, a commentary, or a review paper. Travel award winners are supposed to submit an original paper though the submission does not guarantee eventual acceptance. Heinrich Rohrer Medal winners are strongly recommended to submit an original, a commentary, or a review paper.

The submission page will be open from October 27, 2017. The deadline of manuscript submission is January 8, 2018. Your manuscript must be written in clear, comprehensible English. If you have concerns about the level of English in your manuscript, please ensure that it is proofread before submission by a native English speaker or a scientific editing service.

A manuscript can only be submitted on-line via the website of e-JSSNT. Submitted papers are individually published on the website immediately after the acceptance, and are unaffected by delays of other papers. There are no page limitations or fees for publication. The authors are encouraged to use color figures and movies. Detailed information and instructions for manuscript preparation are on the journal website.

The instruction for Web submission customized to ISSS-8 will be available later.