ISSS-8 is the 8th in a series of international symposia organized by the Surface Science Society of Japan. The symposium will highlight recent achievements in surface science and its related fields. Because the properties and functionalities of the materials under external environments are mainly ruled by "surfaces and interfaces", surface science plays an essential role in wide sectors, such as clean chemical processing, environmental cleaning, energy harvesting, nanobiotechnology, life science, and so on.

Major topics of the symposium are listed below. Also, in view of the global interest in the so-called Clean and Green innovation, related topical sessions will be organized. Interdisciplinary studies and discussion on the future directions of the fields are strongly encouraged.


Surface and Interface Structures
(atomic structure at surfaces and interfaces, surface/interface morphology, thin films and ultrathin films, surface/interface modification)
Surface Dynamics
(phase transition, carrier/spin dynamics, ultrafast phenomena, thermal transport, photonics, diffusion/desorption/reaction, friction and energy dissipation)
Nanomaterials and Fabrication
(nanotubes, nanowires/rods, nanoparticles/dots, self-assembly and self-organization, plasmonics, metamaterials, optical/electronic/magnetic functionalization)
Physical Properties
(surface/interface electronic state, surface/interface magnetism/spin texture, surface/interface conductivity/superconductivity, topological insulators, Dirac/Majorana/Weyl fermions, optical properties, device applications)
Characterization Methods
(nano and sub-nano analyses, local chemical analyses, standardization of characterization, in-situ and operando analyses, novel experimental techniques/theoretical methods)
Surface Chemistry
(surface reaction, molecular adsorption/desorption, fundamental catalysis, electrochemical interfaces, solid/liquid interfaces, self-organizing interfaces, supramolecular interfaces, chiral surfaces)
Biosurfaces and Biointerfaces
(bioelectronics, biosensor, bio-MEMS, biomimetic materials, medical/bio-devices, medical application, neural interfaces)
Green Technologies
(applied catalysis, photocatalysis, solar cells, fuel cells, interfacial energy conversion, energy storage devices, thermoelectric conversion, tribology, in-situ and operando analyses)

Topical Sessions

Advanced 2D Materials
(graphene, silicene, germanene, stanene, phosphorene, borophene, transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDC), valleytronics, device applications)
Single Molecular Imaging and Manipulation
(scanning probe microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, break junction, functionalized tips, localized surface plasmon, photoluminescence, inelastic tunneling, self-assembly and self-organization)
Surfaces and Interfaces in Green Technologies